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Fresh air ventilation removes stale air, as building regulations raise standards in the design of buildings, stale air can become trapped as insulation levels have become much higher. This can result in a greater need of oxygen, increased risk of allergies and odour’s lingering for longer. Fresh air is vital to our quality of life.

We offer an option of fresh air supply to ventilate spaces or alternatively more efficient air handling solutions offer a more precise control air quality and humidity to best suit your requirements, these can be tailor made to suit your buildings requirements.

We recognize that ventilation systems are fundamental to the day-to-day operation of most commercial kitchens and as such, we offer options on both bespoke and proprietary systems in a large variety of sizes.


Full design and installation packages for any type of cold store construction, commercial and industrial refrigeration projects.

air conditioning

Custom air conditioning installations of all sizes; ranging from small wall mounted split systems to large-scale VRV systems.


Tailor-made fresh air supply and air handling solutions, offering precise air quality and humidity control to suit your building’s requirements.


Bespoke and generic service & maintenance packages to maximize efficiency and minimise problems to suit your requirements.

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working across the sectors

Blue have been commissioned by a wide range of bars and restaurants across Scotland, from simple cafés to super-pubs and exclusive dining establishments.

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